Toni Weiss

Director & Screenwriter

About Me

I am an award winning live action & animation director with a career of more than 30 years, specializing in storytelling and visual effects projects. During that time, I have directed on feature films, documentaries, short films, and hundreds of music videos and commercials.



What I Do

I capture pure, emotional moments and convey them with a touching, feature film like narrative style that has become my trademark.

As a director & storyteller, I work for brands, for entertainment projects and digital products, specializing in a unique blend of live action and visual effects.

Since 2012, I also successfully direct CG character animation films.

I take the heart of a brand’s message and craft it into an impactful, resonant stories that connect with the viewer & lights up their imagination. I am known for being a passionate and collaborative partner working closely with agencies, clients and actors & crew alike.
Feature Film
As a live action and animation director, I have worked on narrative projects with partners like Walt Disney, Studio Babelsberg, Outfit 7, Lieblingsfilm, Aichholzer Film, Sky and Arx Anima. I am currently in development on animated feature film project SHINE A LIGHT.
I specialize in writing genre screenplays, with a strong emphasis on character driven stories, both for family entertainment, drama and supernatural thrillers. I have trained with Don Bohlinger, USC, Mark Travis, Roland Zag and Alan Watts to hone my craft.
As a character animation director, I have directed short films for Walt Disney Music and Outfit 7 and serial content for Nickelodeon and multinational brands. My short „You Get Me“ ist one of the most successful animated films of all time on YouTube, with 348 million views to date.

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My life’s story. Short story edition.

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Contact Me

You can always reach me at +43 699 11 677040 and via mail:

Please direct all inquiries for commercials to my lovely agent Susanne at:
Wilhelm-Röntgen-Str. 28
63477 Maintal / Frankfurt
+49 69 962 00 888

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